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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining thus saturday. we have breaking news now blocks from the caribbean cruise carnival. we understand the victims are two men and one woman. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: that's what we know. we were out here covering the festivity of the carnival. we were two blocks away when we heard of the shooting. this is off georgia and fresh. you can get an idea what it looks like right now. you can imagine with the massive crowds that were here, this place erupted inmayhem.
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this is, again, georgia and gresham. here is what we know right now. this is preliminary information. three people have been shot, two of those are males, one of those a female. we understand that at the time of the shooting when crews responded here, one of the people shot was not moving. two of the other people were breathing. all three were taken to area hospitals. again, this is happening off georgia and gresham, just a couple of blocks away from the nucleus of thecaribbean festival. we have been speaking to folks out here and the sentiment here is that they don't know who fired off the shot. they are not attributing this to the caribbean festival, the neighbors out here. back out live here, i can tell you that police have this entire area blocked off. i even saw mayor gray. he showed up about five minutes ago to get briefed on this shooting. so, again, we have three people shot. >> right now, they have not
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connected the shooting to the caribbean cashal. in other word, they don't know if the people who were involved in the shooting attended the carnival? >> reporter: that's right. this is taking near the caribbean festival so one would assume or you can be quick to assume but that has not been established yet. as of this hour, right now, this cannot be directly connected to the caribbean festival. >> got it. ken, for a second, let's talk about the caribbean carnival. tens of thousands of people attend this event every year. this year, there is a tri boot to michael jackson, second anniversary of his death, right? >> reporter: there was supposed to be a flash mob type thing going as a tribute to michael jackson. that was one of the things that we were coming out to take a look at it when we heard of the gun shots. again, this has become an annual tradition here in d.c. now. i'm told that the last year,
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upwards of 300,000 people, bruce, showed up to this carnival. so you can manual the kind of popularity that it has over here. again, all different countries from the caribbeans represented here and lots of food, lots of music, lots of festivities. along with all of that, that means tens of thousands of people along the streets out here. >> yeah, we have a big caribbean presence here among d.c. area residents. >> reporter: huge. >> and as a matter of fact, a lot of people come out of town for that. and and it's traditional a family event. so people will be concerned here. >> reporter: yes. as you mentioned, this is a family event. a lot of people come here to partake in the festivities, partake of the food. unfortunately, this ace bump in the road right now. d.c.'s mayor, vincent gray, showed up to take a look at what's going on and also get
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briefed. all we know, bruce, is that three people were shot. they'll figure out exactly what happened here in the coming hours. >> reporter: ten, thank you for that information. obviously, we'll update that tonight at 11:00. thank you. >> you got it. 12 people have been arrested in front of the white house today. [ chanting ] >> free d.c >> it was a demonstration for full voting rights. they locked arms and then refused u.s. park police orders to disperse. d.c. mayor vincent gray and congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton had been part of that demonstration. they were not among those arrested today. >> how in the world can america go around the world talk about democracy in places like iran, iraq, afghanistan and all these other places and come home and owe press the people of the district of columbia? it is time for that toned, ladies and gentlemen. >> a total of 73 people,
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including mayor gray and city council chairman kwame brown have been arrested. metro riders have been warned there has been an upsurge in robbery in the area a around the takoma park metro station. victims are being targeted as they walk away from the takoma park station. if you are familiar with it, you know it's on the red line. the suspects are getting out of a dark colored vehicle, possibly a ford crown victoria with tinted windows. they brandish guns. dozens of people practiced yoga outside of the lululemon store in honor of an employee
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killed. >> teaching a class in honor of jana murray. this is a job that she embraced as a professional and as a friend. >> took me a moment to get over the technical aspects. i got over myself and realized this big public showing of anything but love. >> reporter: touching for him and nearly 100 others out here, including jana's sister-in-law, kate. >> for jana, it was the community and her friend at lululemon. >> reporter: for that, she was just one more. i think yoga is just one element of what jana was. she loved every physical activity she ever participated in. >> reporter: pearlstein is familiar with that part of
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jana. he knows that her life story need to be told. >> it would be a disservice to them or anybody else to pretend it didn't happen or shield it from them. >> reporter: but he hopes that, at least today, he can provide an out let. >> i can take the sting out. >> reporter: for that reason, yoga and jana. >> they go really well together in that beautiful and painful way. >> her former coworker, brittany norwood has been charged in the murder. the 28-year-old faces up to lies in prison if convicted. is the worst of the flooding over now in north dakota. however, it's still six feet above major flood stage. >> nobody has ever seen water
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levels at this dimension. >> if you look at that water now, those houses could be totally gone in a day. >> i worked so long for my kid. >> i will come here to clean up all the time after wards for as lop as it takes. >> about 11,000 people have been ordered from the neighborhoods near the river. the river expected to remain high for several more day. same sex marriage now legal in the state of new york. gay rights activist hope that the move will buildmomentum towards a federal same sex marriage law. >> reporter: for gary spino and anthony brown, gay pride week in new york means a lot more this year. >> the sun felt like it was shining a little sunnier today. >> reporter: the couple at this annual gay pride picnic celebrated the trite marry in new york. >> new york is the financial entertainment capital of the
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world. now, you know, we are like the equality capital. >> ayes 33, nays 29. >> the bill passed late friday night sparking cheers in the state legislature and celebration in the streets of new york city. new york is the 6th and by far the largest state to adopt such a law doubling the number of americans who live in the state where same sex marriage is law. >> gay rights advocates say this as a pivotal moment. they hope that new york's action is the step toward legalization of same sex marriage. recent polls show that 59% of americans approve of gay marriage. but religious groups continue to be opposed to it.
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>> why stop now. >> gary, will you renew your vows with me is. >> i would be honored to. >> he said yes. >> they will be able to do just that when the new law takes effect in 30 days: susan mcinis, cbs news. still ahead, new tribute in our area to those who lost their lives on september 11th. and a rally on capitol hill brings out the military brass and their family. we'll have those stories and more.
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>> 15 years of post-trauma sick vest disorder. he left two little boys without a father and he left my sister very confused. >> they talked about new mental health programs now in place to reach out to deploying soldiers to help before grief, ainge city and depression reaches a
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crisis point. iraq war veterans reveal what still haunts them and how they find help. a new 9/11 memorial was unveiled. the twisted steel foot remnant was dedicated as a memorial in kensington, maryland. a concrete slab from the attack on the pentagon was also part of the tribute. kensington fire department responded to the tragedy at the pentagon. a fire tpt and police motorcycle escort delivered the pieces to kensington a week ago and they were lifted into plane by a large crane. coming up on nine news, looking for great fun and some good food, we have the place for you. >> and our temperatures into the 20s but there will be a change on the way and an increase in humidity. i'll let you know what is coming up. and looking into the three busiest mobile speed camera locations in d.c., right down
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there. a single camera caught more than 71,000 violators in just one year. >> the top three speed cameras monday at 11:00.
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we have the legendary judge brown downtown to help m c the event. hope he brings a slab or two of ribs right here at channel 92. he better. >> anything on for the weekend? >> well, i'm from the d.c. area, george mason graduate. >> great to be home. you brought great weather with you. >> i always do. >> we had a break in humidity in the last couple of days. northwest winds came rolling on in and that is really easing up on things for us. i think we can squeak out one more nice day for tomorrow. i'll give you details in that seven-day forecast forecast. current conditions are not so bad. we are anticipating a little bit more sunshine but those clouds did hang in there. temperatures did stay quite low into the afternoon. many of us made it up into the
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lower range, 80s, pushing towards the 80s but, again, starting to back off just a little bit as we head into the late evening. temperatures looking pretty good. comfortable 79 across leesburg, looking at 82 in the district, 81 at and cruise air force. we will definitely see a nice night overnight tonight, things are going to be changing. as i mentioned, in that long range forecast. satellite radar in the clear. mainly clear skies off toward our east. we'll continue to see a little sprinkle over night with moisture pleasant but it's going to be a dry night and a mostly clear night heading into tomorrow morning. here is what the weekend is looking like. we'll continue this wonderful trend. we'll continue into sunday. building clouds in the afternoon and then the warm temperatures are coming back with a chance of rain. you notice that the sunshine sticks around through most of
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the day tomorrow. if you have late plans tomorrow afternoon, you might want to keep an eye to the sky because, later on in the evening, we'll see the clouds fill in and those rain chances go way up as we head into the overnight on our sunday night. but for tonight, it's looking pretty good. we'll keep our skies mainly clear as i mentioned. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. absolutely fantastic. we are headed for highs tomorrow into the middle range, 80. so we'll definitely see a possibility of those showers and storms late in the night. the seven-day forecast looking pretty good. in fact, over the next several days, we'll bring more of that heat and humidity we'll get back into the nineties and you will notice that change as we head towards the end of the week. these good things don't last too long, unfortunately. >> nice. i've been dying to talk about
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this. do you think that the notice' gm is ruining his chances to get another job? >> you are talking about rugman? >> yes. >> the nats former skipper. who the nats' managers about to be? first, she was crying. now she is doing damage at wimbledon. good to see it. coming up next in sports.
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now back to the question. he was in the front office. did he happen to be in the front office or was that in. >> davey johnson had the star power. you knew he was going to come come next year. i don't think they were ready to do it this soon but it kind of happened. when mike rizzo hired davey johnson as a consultant, he called him a brilliant mind. he served mostly as a sounding
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board for the nats gm. now it looks like johnson is in line for a promotion. several sources are reporting that the 6-year-old johnson is officially going to be named manager as soon as later today. this won't be his first rodeo. he led the mets to the champion in '86, managed the reds, baltimore orioles, led the orioles to the a.l. east crown, and was manager of the year. managed 14 seasons with four keeps, led three different teams to the playoffs over 1100 victories versus 888 losses, only suffered one losing season. that's why people kind of like davey johnson. he is expected to manage his first game on monday. much quieter but just as ominous is the nba lockout. they can't decide how to divvy up the cash either and the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire on thursday.
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players and owners met in new york yesterday and the tall guys breaking up the sol dared shirt, dark gray with the word "stand on top". david stern wants to lower the salary cap, in other words, taking money away from flares. players don't want to give up the cash. players are scheduled to meet wednesday or thursday. jan vesely, picked 6th on thursday and will be introduced to washington, d.c. on monday. he played in europe last season he is listed as a power forward but only averaged about 10 points and four rebounds per game. he has some adjusting to do to the nba game. it was a dive. that's what major league soccer is calling it, charlie davies meeting with the turf. it was called a fake.
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because there was no contact. he was fined $1000 for the delay of game. and they are taking on houston today. houston, you have a problem. davies almost scoring there on his birthday. right now it is scoreless. big game for soccer people tonight at the rose bowl. why is the gold cup important, you are asking yourself? it's mexico versus u.s., arch rivals in football circles. u.s. won 10 of the last 16 meetings with mexico. in wimbledon, earlier this week, serena was crying because she had a bunch of injuries. she was crying again. after the first round, she made
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kirilenko cry today. maria kirilenko and golf, amateur and only three leads off the lead. if he wins and only three streaks behind, can't keep the cash. can't keep it because amateurs can't get any of the money. >> serena crying, that means some other people are going to be crying. >> we are done. >> looks good tonight? >> absolutely wonderful. >> see you back here at 11:00.
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